Information for Eiffel Scholarship 2021 Master – S3 Tuition


The Eiffel scholarship to study in France is re-open. The EIFFEL EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM 2021 is offered by the French Government through the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for international students (including from Indonesia) to continue their Masters and PhD studies at universities in France. France is known for the quality of education and the friendliness of its people who are open to newcomers. Of course, the opportunity to study in France through the Eiffel Scholarship is worth considering.

The fields of study offered in the Eiffel Scholarship are as follows:

  1. Law
  2. Economics and Management
  3. Engineering (S2 level) / Science in a wider scope (PhD level). Engineering sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, the Life Sciences, Nano-and Biotechnology, Earth Sciences, Space Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
  4. Political science

This program accepts participants who will pursue the following levels of study:

  1. Master’s degree program
  2. Engineering program
  3. Joint-doctoral program

Tuition fees are not covered by the Eiffel Scholarship, however, scholarship recipients from the French government who enroll in public universities in France will be free of tuition fees.

If anyone wants to ask about the French Scholarships above, please contact the following contacts:
Campus France – Eiffel Program
28 rue de la Grange-aux-Belles
75010 Paris
Official Information Source:


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