Information on Internship Scholarships at IERI GIST Korea for S1, S2, S3


International Environmental Research Institute – Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (IERI-GIST), Korea opens up internship scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students at IERI GIST Korea, especially from developing countries to take part in practical internships in the field of environmental research related to climate change. This scholarship is provided through the IERI International Internship Program scheme. Scholarships are open to various groups from various backgrounds, such as men and women, professionals, academics, and those with cultural backgrounds.

The internship activities carried out at IERI GIST include providing general support to director officials, performing tasks assigned by the laboratory, sending complete final reports at the end of the program, and making presentations at the final stage of the internship program.

The apprenticeship activity lasts for 3 to 6 months in the spring of 2021. The target is undergraduate and postgraduate students, or final year undergraduate students, especially those majoring in environment, energy, climate change, or related fields.

1. Currently pursuing postgraduate studies (masters / doctoral degree or equivalent), or in the final year of university (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) preferably in the environmental, energy, climate change, or related fields.
2. Candidates who are involved or have recently been involved in a field directly related to the activities of the IERI Fund or applicants from non-students will only be admitted in exceptional cases
3. Very good command of English
4. Voice skills using Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, etc.

Application documents:
1. Internship application form (Download)
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Letter of recommendation
4. Cover letter
5. Academic transcripts (only original / notarized copies will be accepted)
6.University acceptance certificate / official bachelor’s degree certificate (only original / notarized copies will be accepted)

Prepare the application documents requested above then send them to email: with the email title: [IERI] International Internship Program your name

Your application must be submitted by 13 November 2020. If accepted into the internship program, the application documents listed above must also be submitted directly to IERI upon arrival. Also prepare the hard copy document.

International Environmental Research Institute,
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Room no.322, Environmental Samsung Building 123
Cheomdangwagi-ro (Oryong-dong) Buk-gu,
61005 Republic of Korea
[t] 82-62-715-3366

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