Japanese Government Scholarships for Research, S2, S3 in 2021


This Japanese Government Scholarship is officially reopened. Research Student Program 2021. Provide the opportunity to take part in research at Japanese universities as well as allow applying to degree programs (S2, S3) while undergoing a research student.

Another option, applicants can also directly enter the degree program without following the research student stage, if they have obtained permission from the supervisory professor at the university or have passed the entrance examination at a Japanese university.

This 2021 Japanese Government Scholarship is offered through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho / MEXT) and can be applied through the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia.

The Research Student Program offers a full scholarship to Japan. The scholarship covers 100 percent of tuition fees, a monthly living allowance of 143,000 yen per month (research students), 144,000 yen / month (postgraduate students), and 145,000 yen / month (doctoral students). In addition, PP Indonesia – Japan plane tickets are provided, free visa processing fees, and some universities provide dormitories. For universities that do not provide dormitories, universities can help find housing if needed. Fees are paid from the living allowance provided.

What is also interesting is that the 2021 Japanese Government Scholarship is given without any official ties. This will provide flexibility for you after completing the program.

1. Maximum age of 34 years on April 1, 2021 (born on or after April 2, 1986).
2. Graduates D4 / S1 / S2.
3. Choosing a field of study that is in the same knowledge group as the field of study at the previous education level.
4. Preferably a minimum GPA at the end of previous education level 3.2
5. Attach one of the proficiency certificates in English or Japanese, with priority scores as follows:
● TOEFL-PBT / ITP minimum 570
● TOEFL-iBT minimum 80
● IELTS minimum 6.5
● TOEIC L&R minimum 820
● TOEIC S&W minimum 300
● Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) minimum level 2 / N2

▶ The TOEFL / TOEIC certificate that can be used to register is issued by ETS only
(TOEFL Like and TOEFL Prediction cannot be used.) *
▶ For IELTS which can be used to register only publications of Cambridge University, British Council, IALF and IDP Education only. *
▶ NAT-TEST / J-TEST cannot be used.
* see “REQUIRED DOCUMENTS” section Note No. 8
6. Physically and mentally healthy. Applicants are not allowed to be pregnant during the selection process until departure to Japan for those who pass the selection.

7. Willing to learn Japanese for those who have not mastered Japanese.
8. Meet one of the following academic requirements (click here –PDF)
9. Applicants who have one of the following conditions / situations cannot apply for this scholarship program. Please read the following link (click here -PDF)

Application documents:
1. An online registration confirmation e-mail print-out sheet (3 sheets) containing the applicant’s exam number (study the REGISTRATION PROCEDURE section points 1-2).
2. Application Form 2021 (Download) (1 copy of the original, 2 copies of the copy). Forms may be typed / handwritten. Please fill in English or Japanese.
● Formal photos. Size 3.5 x 4.5 cm or 3 x 4 cm (3 sheets). Half body. Plain background, free background color. Taken in the last 6 months. Photographs must be attached to the box for attaching photos available on the Registration Form (Application Form 2021). Do not attach photos without pasting them on the application form.
3. Placement Preference Application Form 2021 (Download) (3 sheets). Forms may be typed / handwritten. Please fill in English or Japanese.
4. Field of Study and Research Program Plan 2021 (Download) (1 original copy, 2 photocopy). Forms filled in English or Japanese. If there are not enough fields on the form, please use a separate sheet as additions.
5. A legalized copy of the transcript of the last education level (1 copy of the original, 2 copies of the copy). Value transcripts must be in English or Japanese and legalized / stamped original by the applicant’s college. * * Study note number 5

6. Photocopy of the latest legalized diploma or certificate of graduation (SKL) (1 original copy, 2 photocopy). The diploma or SKL must be in English or Japanese and legalized / branded original by the applicant’s college. * * Study note number 5
7. Letter of recommendation from the chancellor / dean / head of department / university lecturer for the latest education level (one of them only). (1 copy of the original, 2 copy of the copy). The recommendation letter contains the applicant’s personal details and is written in English or Japanese. Must be attached for applicants who have not or have worked. Free format or use the form provided (Download). * study note number 6
8. Letter of recommendation from superiors or supervisors for those who are currently working (1 copy of the original, 2 copies of the copy). The recommendation letter contains the applicant’s personal details and is written in English or Japanese. For those who do not / have not worked, do not need to attach this document. * Free format or use the form provided (Download). * study note number 6
9. Research abstract / thesis / thesis / final project for the latest education level (1 original copy, 2 photocopy copies). Abstracts are written in English or Japanese.
10. Portfolio of works or records for those who choose the field of art or design (1 copy of the original, 2 copies of the photocopy). For those who choose art / design, please attach a portfolio of your work / recordings. Free format. For portfolios in the form of documents, please clip them to avoid scattering.
11. Photocopy of certificate / TOEFL / IELTS / TOEIC / JLPT score (attach at least one type of certificate) (3 photocopies). Please see the requirements section for point 5. For those who attach the JLPT, please attach it together with the score sheet as well. * * Study note section number 8

1. The document is made on A4 size paper. If this is not possible, please fold the document into A4 size.
2. With the exception of portfolios, all documents should not be stapled, bound, not punched, just clipped to avoid scattering. The number of clips used is 3 pieces.
3. Documents are created and sent according to the amount stated. Documents are arranged in bundles / copies.
4. In one bundle or duplicate, load documents from points 1 to 11.
5. Total bundles or copies that we will receive are 3 pieces (1 bundle / duplicate original document and 2 bundle / duplicate copy document.
5. Please do not attach original diplomas and transcripts. Specifically for these two documents, what is meant by original is a photocopy of diploma and transcript that has been legalized / stamped as authentic by the university.
6. For diplomas and grade transcripts, if you have difficulty requesting legalization during this pandemic, you may attach them as photocopies.
7. For letters of recommendation, if you have difficulty requesting an original signature during this pandemic, please use a digital signature.
8. Please do not attach the original foreign language proficiency certificate. Especially for this document, please attach a photocopy only.
9. For certificates of foreign language proficiency, if you have trouble finding an agency that will carry out tests during this pandemic, please use your previous certificate.
10. Applicants whose last education is professional education, please also attach a diploma and transcript of undergraduate education grades.
11. Complete all required documents according to the instructions. Documents that do not comply with the instructions will not be processed.

Registration Procedure:
1. Only applicants who meet the requirements may register. Applicants must register online first through the following website: https://daftar.beasiswamext.com/
2. After registering online, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please print out the e-mail and please save / remember the “Exam Number” you received. If within 5 minutes you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please check the spam box in your e-mail. If it is not in your inbox or spam e-mail box, please re-register using a different e-mail.
3. Complete the required documents. List of documents can be seen in the previous description.
4. All documents that have been completed and arranged in accordance with the order are inserted into 1 large envelope (free size). Please write down the code “Research Students 2021” along with your test number on the top right of the envelope.
5. Files are sent to:

Information and Culture Section (Education)
Japanese Embassy
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 24. Jakarta 10350

6. Do not accept files sent via online motorcycle taxi delivery services or delivered directly. Document delivery can use courier delivery services such as POS, JNE, J&T, Tiki, etc.
7. The files must arrive at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta by July 14 2020 at 23.59 WIB
8. Only applicants with complete and accepted documents not past the deadline for processing. Documents that have been sent to the Japanese Embassy cannot be returned for any reason.
9. Participant’s failure to read and understand this registration information is the full responsibility of the participant.

Selection stage:
I. Primary Screening Stage
1. Document Selection.
Announcement of document selection results will be displayed on the Japanese Embassy website displaying the applicant’s “Test Number” on August 19, 2020 (no later than 23.59 WIB). Those who pass the document selection will be called to take the written examination selection.
2. Written Test
At this stage, participants will face tests of English and Japanese. The exams were held simultaneously in Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Denpasar and Makassar. All participants who have passed the document selection must take this exam.
3. Interview Exams
Those who pass the written test selection will be summoned to take the interview test at the Japanese Embassy in Jakarta. Transportation and accommodation costs are not covered by the Japanese Embassy.

II. Secondary Screening Stage
1. For those who pass the primary screening, the Embassy of Japan recommends it to Monbukagakusho / MEXT. Participant files will compete with participant files from other countries at this stage.
2. Participants who have passed this stage will be given a primary screening certificate and documents that have been stamped by the Japanese Embassy, ​​as a requirement to obtain a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from universities in Japan.
3. Participants who pass the final selection (secondary screening) at Monbukagakusho / MEXT will become scholarship recipients. The final announcement will be made in January 2021.

Selection Schedule:
▪ Registration Period: 23 June – 14 July 2020
▪ Announcement of Document Selection Results: 19 August 2020
▪ Written Test: Early September *
▪ Announcement of Written Exam Results: End of September *
▪ Interview Exam: Early October 2020 *
▪ Announcement of Interview Exam Results: Mid October 2020 *
▪ Search for LoA (Letter of Acceptance): Mid October – Mid November 2020 *
▪ Final Announcement from MEXT: June 2021 *
▪ Departing for Japan: Late September / Early October 2021 (no option to depart in April)

* date subject to change at any time. Please refresh this page regularly. If the conditions for the spread of COVID-19 in Indonesia get worse, there is a possibility that the selection process will be canceled

University search link:

Japanese Embassy
Jl. MH Thamrin no.24 Jakarta 10350
[e] scholarship@dj.mofa.go.jp
[w] www.id.emb-japan.go.jp
[t] (021) 3192-4308

source: undergraduate scholarship

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